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Workers Compensation Investigacions
Due to an alarming increase in employee fraud, the thorough evaluation of workers compensation claims is a virtual necessity these days and can save an employer thousands of dollars.

When questions arise as to the legitimacy of a workers compensation claim, M.A.C. Agency is well positioned to investigate all the elements of the case and help you meet your needs employing
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Personal Injury Investigations
M.A.C. Agency is often called upon to look into the validity of personal injury claims. We rely on a variety of techniques and resources to conduct a thorough investigation which results in you're getting the answers you need.
Rising insurance costs have made it more important than ever to ascertain that a claim is legitimate, especially given the skill and creativity of those inclined toward deception. Often expert private investigation is the only sure way to uncover such illegal activities as claims for nonexistent property, duplicate coverage and personal injury fraud.

M.A.C. Agency is well qualified to provide this service for you and will pursue many of the following steps to provide you with the answers to meet your needs.